Don’t Stop the Feeling!Learning

At Skillzcafe we believe in enriching lives and perspectives through constant learning. We want to touch the human race and contribute to the society by creating a world class learning community where there are no barriers to education.

Who we are

We are a peer to peer learning platform providing online courses across globe. At Skillzcafe, we believe that every person possesses specific knowledge that can be leveraged by others to learn and grow, if shared.

  1. Transparent and fair pricing
  2. World class instructors
  3. Democratized learning
  4. Course diversity
  5. Customer obsession


Transparent and fair pricing

We offer structured pricing providing maximum reward to the instructors, unlike other learning platforms.


Course diversity

We offer wide array of global courses ranging from Photography to Artificial Intelligence, catering to diverse online learning community.


Helping individuals realize their full potential

Learning platform that connects global universities, instructors and experienced professionals to curious minds

Teach at Skillzcafe

We at Skillzcafe value our instructors and allow them to decide pricing for their own content, including running customized marketing offers (discounts, unique course links) to promote the content. We invite instructors and experienced professionals in varied fields to join our hands in the global learning revolution. Interested folks can express their interest by sending an email to our sales team at

  1. Multi currency support
  2. Competitive traffic based commission
  3. Convenient web based course creation
  4. Secure course content
  5. Customized web based marketing offers



Competitive traffic based commission

Pricing bands based on source of traffic with minimal commission for all traffic routed directly through instructor’s web pages/social media.


Intuitive instructor interface

Our upcoming platform is intuitive and guides instructors to self upload their courses.

Our story

Living across three continents during our decade long corporate journey, we got an opportunity to work with great minds and talent in eclectic fields. This made us realize that the experiential knowledge and skills utilized by global professionals is not being fully captured and shared through professional curriculum. We strongly felt many lives throughout the world can be changed if we create a platform to connect these untapped treasures of wisdom with curious minds.

        And Voila.. Skillzcafe was born!


What’s going on

We proudly have signed big names in the learning industry including top universities and colleges.

Welcome to the Skillzcafe Team!


Things to expect

Our development team is working round the clock and we expect to go-live in January next year.

         We can’t wait to meet you all!