Optimizing Selenium Test Performance

Optimizing Selenium Test Performance

Leverage the benefits and advantages of Selenium 3.0

Created By: Dmitry Shyshkin
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About This Course

Selenium 3.0 is a significant change as it has been shipped after a gap of 5 years. It is only a drop-in replacement for WebDriver API users; however, it has removed the major Selenium core implementation. The Selenium WebDriver API is fully object-oriented as opposed to the deprecated Selenium RC. The WebDriver API provides multi-language support and runs tests on all popular browsers. As your knowledge (and the size of your test suites) grows, performance becomes a key factor for development teams to successfully adopt your automation .
In this course, we'll focus on the most common performance bottlenecks and how to work round them through optimization and parallelization. We'll finish the course with the use of Selenium Grid and Sauce Labs for limitless parallelization and other goodies.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Optimizing-Selenium-Test-Performance

Other Information

  • Certificate will provided in this course on Completion
  • Full lifetime access
  • Available on Mobile & Laptop

What Students Will Learn In Your Course?

  • Create distributed user testing to perform multi-user tests
  • Optimize test timings
  • Learn to set up Selenium Grid
  • Look into maintaining your grid
  • Discover the advantages of parallel execution
  • Explore the benefits of automated testing cloud
  • Learn to set up tests on Sauce Labs or similar testing cloud providers

Are There Any Course Requirements Or Prerequisites?

Experience as a software tester.

Who Are Your Target Students?

This course is aimed at software tester or a developer who would like to optimize their Selenium Test Performance. They will learn to take advantages of parallel execution.

Course Content

  • 15 lectures
  • 01:12:26
  • Course Overview
  • Why Are Selenium Tests so Slow?
  • Creating Atomic Tests
  • Headless Browsers and Drivers
  • Pre-populating Site Cookies
  • Using Browser Profiles
  • When Not to Use Selenium
  • Why Use a Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Grid Hub
  • Selenium Grid Nodes
  • Using Selenium Grid in Tests
  • The Benefits of Using Automated Testing Cloud
  • Sauce Labs Demo
  • Online Groups And Chats
  • Conferences

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