Beginning Selenium WebDriver Testing in Python

Beginning Selenium WebDriver Testing in Python

Use Selenium automation, to save you time when testing in Python

Created By: Andy Craze
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About This Course

This course introduces Python users to Selenium WebDriver. It will help users with basic programming knowledge to start code-testing. This course will help users cut down on their time spent on testing code written in Python.

Get started with code testing using Selenium WebDriver. This course is an ideal starter kit for those of you who wish to start using Selenium WebDriver for testing, and for users with basic programming knowledge who are more interested in skilling up with Selenium WebDriver as their testing tool of choice. In this course, you will start by learning the benefits of Selenium WebDriver for testing. You will then start practicing the basics. Next, you will explore the biggest strength of Selenium: integrating your test instances with the browser of your choice. You will then actually test an authentication system in a sequential manner by following each of the required steps.

By the end of the course, you will be able to provide your customers and clients with better quality code in less time, enhancing customer satisfaction!

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at -

Other Information

  • Certificate will provided in this course on Completion
  • Full lifetime access
  • Available on Mobile & Laptop

What Students Will Learn In Your Course?

  • Use Selenium WebDriver to directly start a browser instance and control it for the code being tested
  • Automate web browsers across many browsers and operating systems for Python code
  • Along with Selenium scripts, start using unit testing frameworks for Python and save time
  • Learn how Selenium WebDriver can use locators when using Python code
  • Go from testing apps in a time-consuming way to testing them quickly
  • Spend less time testing and more time developing and adding features to your apps, delighting customers
  • See the next steps involved in the automation and testing of your Python apps using Selenium

Are There Any Course Requirements Or Prerequisites?

Basic programming knowledge.

Who Are Your Target Students?

This course targets users with basic programming knowledge keen to skill up with Selenium WebDriver as their testing tool of choice. They may or may not know how to develop applications but wish to test code faster with minimal resources and add quality to their customer experience.

Course Content

  • 19 lectures
  • 01:47:41
  • The Course Overview
  • Benefits of Automation Testing in Python
  • Selenium for You
  • Selenium Install
  • Selenium Architecture for Python Programmers
  • Attaching Any Browser
  • Retrieving a Web Page
  • Using Python for Performing Actions on a Web Page
  • Implementing Locators Using Python
  • Identifying Locators Using Python
  • Locating Elements Using Xpath
  • Scenario - Logging In
  • Create Test Steps in Python
  • Locate All Necessary Web Elements
  • Writing the Test Automation Code in Python
  • Running the Tests
  • Building Off Our Example Based on Python
  • Next Steps with Selenium
  • Wrapping Up

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